Kateryna Kommendant[UKR]

Kateryna Komendant, born in 1998 in Kharkiv in Ukraine, lives in Malmö
since March 2022. After Russia's invasion of Ukraine, she began
a dramatic journey from Ukraine, through Poland and on to Sweden. Her
peculiar style as an artist is marked by her solid education as an
art restorer. By mixing new and old techniques, she creates art
in interaction with it's message, where contrasts and contradictions permeate
her entire visual world.

Her art reflects an aspiration of hers to create feelings out of
opposites and compromises between beautiful and ugly, pleasant and
repulsive, wondrous and terrifying.

"Is it possible for man to live without war? The nature of humanity
shown through war, it is nasty and violent. But there is also a lot
beautiful and hopeful in the world. I want to reflect those contrasts in mine
art," says Kateryna.


View Kateryna's 2022 Exhibition