Henrik Hau[STH]

The artist Henrik Hau was born and raised in Småland. With roots in the urban scene, for over 20 years he has received attention for his art worldwide. With skilled technical ability and a unique eye for detail, he has developed an original and abstract design language.

Henrik has always felt a need to create. Being in creative processes, regardless of the form of expression, has all given the same effect: a calm and a haven from everyday worries. In creation there is only room for the art and the moment. The total presence. Abstract art is also free from frameworks and rules, something that has always appealed to him.

"As long as I can convey my vision with my tools, I've done the right thing, and that's all that matters."

Henrik sees his art as waves, which he thinks reflects life's highs and lows in a good way.


View The Exhibition (2023.01.28-2023.02.25)