Danish artist Bates [CPH] has since his teens been one of the most innovative artists in the genre.
Bates combines traditional graffiti writing styles with abstract elements and mix them into a truly unique style. It is part old school graffiti from New York with flowing letters and shapes, and part contemporary, abstract art.
He is constantly pushing the limits of what graffiti is and what art can do. Since the late 80´s he’s been a leading name in the graffiti-community, alongside artists such as Loomit, Bando and Mode 2.
In 2009 he had his first soloshow in Copenhagen, at Copenhagen street wear. Nowadays his work can be seen not only on walls all over the world, but he is also represented by galleries in Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Berlin.

Opening on the 25th of November. Legendary artist Bates will exhibit a brand new show at gallery Wildstyle.