KONIE[NYC] 2023.05.05-2023.05.21

Originally from Oklahoma, Konie has since age 30 resided in BK, New York. Having studied graphic design and motion graphics. Done work for Lauryn Hill, Christina Aguilera and Cypress Hill. As well as being, since young, surrounded by vibrant art, music and graiti, he has grown into his own, with painting as well as videography. Konie has now shifted more and more of his time and focus over to painting, honing his craft, making use of all mediums available, spray, brush, airbrush, digital and video. Being deep into color theory and shape design Konie uses fluid shapes contrasted with hard edges landing in a uniquely almost awkward minimal style reminiscent of urban futurism.


Please contact gallery at info@wildstyle.se for purchase of original paintings.

You can find Konie's prints and posters available in our web shop.